So, it was time for some new summer tires and i got a set of pilot sport 4s ready to be mounted on the wheels early next week. Lap time), continentalо extremecontact tm sport (40.03 sec.


I had to drive home from work in a snowstorm once with the ps4s's on.

Michelin pilot sport 4s temperature range. The tires felt like hockey pucks which made for some serious anal clenching. Designed for sports cars and high performance saloons, the michelin pilot sport 4 s offers unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its exceptional steering precision and directional stability. If the temperature falls below 20 degrees, do not move the vehicle until the temperature increases.

To maintain its segment dominance, michelin engineered its ps4s tires to perform slightly better than its pss tires in dry conditions and dramatically better in colder/wetter conditions. Unless you often drive in the cold, the michelin pilot sport 4s might just be the best street tire ever made. Also, at a temperature below 20f, the tire will likely develop surface cracks in the upper sidewall and tread area if flexed.

From 40 to 20 degrees, they may still be used, but the driver will experience some loss of grip. As corvette enthusiasts, you’re probably well aware of all the goodies that come with ordering a z51 package c8. Lap time), and goodyearо eagleо f1 asymmetric 3 (40.44 sec.

Tires under load overnight in cold temps, etc. Summer tires set high standards for dry and wet grip, but are not designed for cold, wintry weather. You won’t feel disappointed about the comfort of the michelin pilot sport 4s.

I am extremely conservative and my switch over point is 7*c. 4th place in wet braking. Lap time), pirelliо p zero pz4 (40.24 sec.

Michelin pilot sport 4s tire. How do you interpret this warning for the pilot sport 4s tires? Should your car come equipped with the michelin “summer only” tires, they have an effective operating range down to 40 degrees fhareneheit.

Michelin's pilot sport 4 s tires make a big difference in some key areas. Defender ltx (h rated) radial: The michelin pilot sport 4s.

Also, the variable patches on the surface that reduce. 2019 auto bild sport cars michelin pilot sport ps4 test. The braking distance was 4.2 longer, than the leader.

I have no source but i recall 7*c being the temp not necessarily for performance issues but cracking issues. Don’t drive below 40f on the ps4s. Before i get flamed out over driving summer tires at 0f, i've just got off the phone with the tesla sc in mount kisco (ny) who told me that i'll be fine to drive on the michelin pilot sport 4s in temperatures as low as 0f.

I can make it to the train station in the morning. Perfect for any corvette generation. The michelin pilot sport 4s is said to show a sign of weakness or less vibrancy with performance under a weather condition below 40f.

(1) based on internal dry circuit lap time tests comparing the michelin ® pilot ® sport 4 s (39.25 sec. In 2019 experts of german publication auto bild sports car have tested michelin pilot sport 4 at size 245/45 r18 and compared with 10 similar budjet, medium and premium tyres. 113 rows michelin pilot sport 4s tire pressure chart has a total of 112 tire sizes with a.

4th place in wet handling. Michelin says that for these tires they shouldn't even be flex at temperatures below 20f, so i'm a bit confused. Consider michelin pilot sport a/s 3+ or conti dws 06 for all season use.

But back to my questions for you.

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